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It started with a wish

The inspiration for MAP’s Christmas Appeal started with a single quote:

I want to be a fisherman and have the ability to go across the sea without being shot.

It was these innocent words of a Palestinian child, expressing their hopes and dreams for the future, that helped us create the One Wish for Palestine Christmas Appeal.

By juxtaposing quotes from children with the harsh reality of their daily lives, the words conveyed a far greater and more poignant message. They became a rallying cry from the most vulnerable, appealing for the realisation of health and dignity for every child.

It ended with us reinventing the Christmas Appeal

Instead of the usual Christmas and reminder mailings, we wanted to do things differently. We had so much incredible content that we recommended a double campaign. Two independent appeals linked to the One Wish theme, less than one month apart. Each appeal could stand alone, with different creative, fresh content and new asks.

In pack one, we appealed to the heart

We created an emotionally charged narrative, demonstrating the urgent need through case studies.

In pack two, we appealed to the head

We demonstrated MAP’s unwavering response, practical steps that they are taking to alleviate suffering and revealing big ambitions for 2020.

So are two Christmas Appeals better than one?

The answer is YES. Take a look at our amazing results for yourself below. Against a target of £300,000 across both appeals, we managed to raise an incredible £341,122 – beating target by more than £40,000! Developing and printing two appeals means having a close eye on costs and sticking to these. If you have passionate supporters and rich content, why not try sending two Christmas appeals this year? If the appeals are strong and can engage the supporter then ditch that standard reminder! Our results showed that the second full appeal did not suffer due to the first, in fact it got a higher average gift and delivered more income.

Due to its success in 2019, planning is already underway to run two appeals again for MAP this Christmas. Our challenge this year is to ensure we do everything we can to beat last year’s results!