Organize fundraising

Legacy was a relatively new area for Crohn’s & Colitis UK and one which they were keen to explore further.

Despite only launching their first legacy webpage in April 2019, the charity were aware that with 20% of their donated income generated through wills, it was time to develop their legacy mailings.

Dialling up the engagement

The previous mailing had a soft approach introducing Legacy giving and summarising key areas of work gifts in wills help to fund. We set out to beat the 1.8% response rate it received by updating it in line with our life review approach – this involves a living Pledger looking back over their life so that the audience can understand what has led to their decision to include the charity in their will.

We also felt the current pack could work harder to be more inspiring and engaging. It needed to strike a balance between recognising that including a charity in their will is a serious consideration for people, while celebrating this fantastic way of supporting the charity.

Immediately, we thought of Karen

Warm and engaging, Karen understood Crohn’s both as a patient and as a longstanding member of the Crohn’s & Colitis UK community.

Using four pages, Karen told the story of her life, reflecting on how her experiences had shaped her to impart a sense of shared values throughout. We peppered the copy with striking photos of Karen; from her toddlerhood, to the present day, to establish a connection between the reader and the ask. We also used questions throughout to prompt those reading the mailing to reflect on their lives.

While the focus was on Karen’s story and motivation, we also included detail on why gifts in wills are important to Crohn’s  & Colitis UK. We kept the messaging as clear and simple as possible.

Doubling the number of legacy pledgers

The new pack beat the 1.8% Response Rate target, achieving a figure of 2.3%. There were more than double the number of pledgers for the Karen mailing compared to the 2019 one, justifying the creative approach we had taken. The client was thrilled with the results, saying:

“We were delighted with the Life Review approach taken by ON and loved the flow and feel of the mailing. It was great to see Karen’s experiences resonate with other supporters’ too and we were encouraged by the results.”