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Bold Creative

Our creative approach is born out of insight and driven by courage. We use data and behavioural understanding to inform our choices and connect with audiences on a personal level. But it’s our desire to cut-through the noise, inspire change and continuously challenge that drives our creative boldly forward.

Looking to create an event that stands out from the rest? Our creative team will help you to develop your own distinct event brand that translates across multi-channel campaigns. Need an emergency appeal with impact? Whether it’s a quick-turnaround press ad or a direct appeal for urgent funds, we’ll find the nugget of information, the captivating image or the compelling case study that galvanises support.

Bold Creative

Behavioural Fundraising

Our Strategy and Planning expertise will help you engage supporters in the most effective way, from product to proposition development, and from acquisition to in-memoriam.

Do you need to leverage the opportunity in your alumni or supporter network? Our 4D approach to planning uncovers the motivation behind behaviour, which we use to inform your strategy. Looking for a more impactful way to tell your organisation’s story? Taking part in our Hero’s journey workshop will get your whole team behind storytelling.

Behavioural Fundraising

Data-Driven Approach

At On data is behind everything we do.

Need to boost recruitment? Find out where your most generous supporters come from with a Lifetime Value analysis. Or, if you’re targeting a new audience, don’t risk missing the mark by investing in our in-depth Qualitative and Quantitative Research. Planning a target-smashing campaign? A Targeting & Segmentation project will outline the highest yielding supporter-groups, tailor asks to an individual’s giving history and accurately predict campaign income.

Data-Driven Approach

What clients say about us

Working with Bethel Finance has been truly transformational. In a market where most charities are struggling with the Individual giving performance On have helped ShelterBox to grow by an incredible 40% in only a couple of years.
As a charity with real ambition we have not only looked to grow but also to expand from a purely Devon and Cornwall supporter base to truly UK wide base, which again we have achieved, growing South East England income (a key target market) by 88%.


We work to create a better, fairer, kinder, happier world.

We do this by helping our clients to do what they do best. Unlike other agencies, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we build unique strategies for our clients, shaped by the science of behavioural economics, whilst also giving our creative teams remit to pursue big ideas. Everything we do aims to satisfy our common motivation: smashing your targets.

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